• What Has Networking Got To Do With Joint Ventures?


    What has networking got to do with joint ventures? "PLENTY" is the short answer to this question.

    Networking is a very important element of joint venture marketing because the more you network, the more you meet potential partners and build relationships that lead to profitable joint ventures.

    Your network of business associates, vendors, family and friends, plays a big part when it comes to implementing your joint venture marketing strategy. This is because the most successful partnerships are with people you know, like and trust, and vice versa.

    Of course, many profitable joint ventures have taken place between partners that have not known each other for long, but any "cold" contact you meet would need time to evaluate your character and your business, before committing to a partnership with you. Sometimes this could take a few weeks, and other times it may take up to a year.

    Before joining organizations or associations in your markets, do your homework to identify which ones are most likely to produce results aligned with your business goals. Make sure you keep in close contact with those in your network. Send thank you cards, meet for lunch, make brief phone calls, remember birthdays, and ask them to subscribe to your newsletter.

    Here are ten places to start with, on your networking journey to lucrative joint venture partnerships:

    1. Live Seminars and Conferences

    2. Breakfast Meeting Groups

    3. Trade Shows and Exhibitions

    4. Membership Associations

    5. Introductions made through your business associates and vendors

    6. Online discussion groups and forums within your industry

    7. Live Training Courses

    8. On Your Travels e. g. on the airplane or train

    9. Interactive TeleSeminars and TeleBootcamps

    10. Other Networking Events e. g. at business parties

    The size and quality of your network determines your income. The more valuable contacts you have in your network, the more lucrative your joint venture projects would be. Build a profitable network, and increasing your net worth would be easier than you think.

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    Habiba Abubakar, a. k.a. The Profit Diva, specializes in helping small business owners who are struggling to increase their client base and are tired of earning mediocre profits. The tips in this article have been excerpted from her home-study program, "Joint Venture Profits For Small Business Owners."


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